Trap, Neuter, Return

What is a TNR Program?

Our TNR program is designed to control the feral cat population while promoting their health and well-being. Ultimately this program reduces unnecessary euthanizations and decreases the spread of disease which improves their quality of life. We never release a cat that is unfit to survive in the wild. Feral cats are first humanely trapped by a Traveling Paws specialist. They are then taken to a certified veterinary clinic to be spayed or neutered. After making a full recovery the cats are released back into their natural environment.

Keep In Mind!

Free-Roaming Cats Are Not Suffering When They Live Outdoors.

It is a common misconception that cats living in a natural environment are struggling and in poor health. Like all wild animals, cats are born with survival instincts that help them find food, water and shelter. Cats are extremely well adapted and thrive outside, most even prefer it.